Thursday, 16 December 2010

Snowballs and Supermarket deals

Whiskeys and Cognacs
So it's that time of the year again supermarkets have started there Christmas campaigns with there numerous offers on spirits that follow the same format of spirit and mixer please but here's some ideas that can really make these spirits more useful. Especially with entertaining guests and getting into the Christmas spirit. 

Gin - a simple recipe following an old British classic use 50ml of gin and 20ml of almond syrup - monin if possible and then boil milk add this to a mug stir and add chocolate sprinkles to it. 

Vodka - this is a herbal warm cocktail with those christmassy flavours of berries. Boil apple juice and add raspberries and blackberries and orange peel to infuse add the vodka and serve in mugs or heat proof glasses this is a ratio of 4.1 apple to vodka 

Jd - simply place a brown sugar cube in a glass splash with soda add a dash of cinnamon syrup stir until sugar dissolves add 50ml of jd and 25 ml of frangelico for hazelnut or disaranno for almond, or for even more difference try creme de figue. Fill with ice and enjoy. This can be done with rhum as well but substitute the nutty flavours for a vanilla or coffee liquor. 

And finally instead of buying in baileys make it that bit more special and make your own. All you need is double cream a cheap whisky and a chocolate liquor (Mozart is my personal favourite for this as they have a White dark milk orange mint and range of nut flavoured chocolate liquors) then in a glass add 20ml cream 20ml whisky and 20ml choco liquor. This is for a basic taste if you want it more creamy add more cream more chocolatey add more liquor and more whisky based add more whisky. 

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