Thursday, 16 December 2010

De-construction Mixology

So over the past few years of making drinks, there is one common cocktail guaranteed to be ordered on a daily basis.    This happens to be the Mojito, be this champagne versions fruit versions or just a classic, there is always the possibility to create a new experience for the drinker.  So the challenge was to create something new and add a new spin on this classic cocktail.

For this drink you need Xanthan gum which is commonly used as a food thickening agent and hy-foamer which is a foaming agent.   You also need 2 or 3 nice port glasses for serving the final product.
Mint Jelly 

So first you need to make the mint jelly.  In glass mix 35ml of green menthe liquor and add 100ml of warm water had a teaspoon of xanthan and over heat stir continuously and bring to boil, leave this on the side to set.

For the lime foam you want to take 100ml of fresh lime juice and whisk this with a teaspoon of hy-foamer do this till you have a nice thick foam
The Finished Mojito

Then the final component of the drink is the rum, in one of the port glasses pour a measure of rum and a brown sugar cube and a splash of soda water.

For the jelly and foam you want to fill half the port glass with the jelly and then layer the foam on top, add a little mint leaf to the foam and your deconstructed mojito is ready - the option of using 3 port glasses gives the ultimate control of how people can drink this drink, you build it how you want it.. .

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