Thursday, 16 December 2010

The Berry Brandy Brulee

Tis the season to be jolly so why not leave Father Christmas an extra special treat with his mince pie...

This drink is currently our most popular winter cocktail at Bar Sixteen and with Christmas round the corner here is a truly remarkable winter warmer.

The balloon on a rocks and ingited
In your cognac balloon throw in raspberries blackberries strawberries and blackcurrant's and a generous measure of your favoured cognac, mine personally is Remy Martin but any will do.  Now for the fun part, rest your balloon on a rocks glass filled with hot water and slowly start to rotate the balloon so you are coating all the insides with the cognac.  Now patience is important for this part with a lighter take it to the edge of the glass and spark trying to ignite the cognac in the glass.   Once a flame is there rotate the glass continuously until the drink starts to bubble.  Take a glass and trap the air so the flame goes out and sit back and enjoy a berry infused cognac but be careful not to burn your tongue...

If you have problems lighting the drink in a spray bottle add some absinthe or overproof rum spray into the glass and then spray over the flame into the glass this should ignite instantly.

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